Promoting safe and efficient
engineering services

Manarah Omraniah, Our company is one of the leading consulting offices in the field of design, engineering, project management, safety and fire prevention experts. We are run by professionals with a wide range of engineering experience in the kingdom.

It has earned the trust of its customers and has continued with successful steps to carry out the slogan of accuracy in implementation and committing to honesty and credibility in completing the work on schedule. 

Farid Abdullah

Chief Executive Officer

Kaseem Khatib


Ahmad Ali

Sr. Life Safety Engineer

Mohammed Abdulhaleem

Sr. Architect

Ahmad Ragab

Sr. Electrical Engineer

Amar Yahya

Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Abdullah Arkam

Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Yasin Hallak

Jr. Architect

Abdullah Kulaybi

Jr. Mechanical Engineer

Alsattar Sadjan

Sr. Draftsman

Ayman Khatib

Administrative Manager

Abdulfatah khalid

Financial Manager

  • مكتب المنارة العمرانية للأستشارات الهندسية واستشارات السلامة، Riyadh